Fire Services


Regulatory and Licensing
Fire Department Services

Staff Listing

Division Director
David Blaylock, Deputy State Fire Marshal
(304)558-2191, ext. 20744

Field Personnel
Bradley R. Scott, Assistant State Fire Marshal
Office Staff
Dawn Owens, Administrative Services Assistant II
(304)558-2191, ext. 20753

Bess BurnsAdministrative Services Assistant I
(304)558-2191, ext. 20745

Jody Zinn, Regulatory Licensing Support Specialist II
(304)558-2191,ext. 20760
Caylee Slack, Regulatory Licensing Support Specialist II
(304)558-2191,ext. 20758

David Cobb, Regulatory Licensing Support Specialist II
(304)558-2191,ext. 20766
Alice K. Morrison, Data Analyst I
(304)558-2191, ext. 20751

NFIRS Tech Support and Report Submissions:
(304)558-2191, ext. 20751
(Full name of the fire department is required in the subject line of all emails.)