​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​State Statute and Legislative Rules

Statutes (WV Code)

Chapter 7, Article 1, Section 3d "Fire Department's Authority to Bill for Services Rendered"
Chapter 7, Article 17 "County Fire Boards"
Chapter 8, Article 15 "Municipalities - Firefighting Generally"
Chapter 15, Article 5 "Emergency Services"
Chapter 15, Article 5A "Emergency Response - Right To Know"
Chapter 15A, Article 10 - "Duties and Powers State Fire Marshal"​
​Chapter 15A, Article 11 "Duties and Powers State Fire Commission"​
Chapter 17C "Emergency Vehicle Laws"
Chapter 17E "CDL Exemptions"
Chapter 20 "Forestry Laws"
Chapter 20, Article 9 "Boat Dock and Marina Safety"
Chapter 21 "Child Labor Law"
Chapter 21 "Employers Prohibited From Discharging Emergency Services Personnel"
​Chapter 29, Article 3A "Authori​ty of Local Fire Officers"​
Chapter 29, Article 3B "Supervision of Electricians"​​
Chapter 29, Article 3C "Certification of Electrical Inspectors"​​
Chapter 29, Article 3D" "Supervision of Fire Protection Workers"
Chapter 29, Article 3E "Fireworks Safety"
Chapter 61 "Arson Related Laws"​​
Chapter 61, Article 3E "Explosives Laws"
Chapter 29, Article 3, Section 16a "Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors"

Legislative Rules​​

Title 87, Series 1,  "State Fire Code​"
Title 87, Series 4, "State Building Code"​
​Title 87, Series 11, "Specialized Membership"
​Title 87, Series 12, "Junior Firefighters"
​Title 87, Series 13, "Certification of Fire Chiefs"​​​​
Title 103, Series 5, "Electrician Licensing Rules" 


Procedural Rules​

Title 87, Series 9, "Contested Case Hearing Procedures for State Fire Commission"

Administrative Policies

 Requirements for WV Fire Departments