Regulatory and Licensing Division

  • Consumer Fireworks and Sparkling Devices and Novelties FAQ
  • Is there a cut-off date to get my test application into the office?
    No, as long as there are seats available, we will accept applications up to 10 days prior to the test date.
  • How long before I know when I will be taking the test?
    You will receive a confirmation letter within 10 days of the test.
  • What happens if the requested test date is full?
    We will return your application and payment to you, unless you indicated a second preferred choice of testing date/location.
  • Can I simply walk-in to a scheduled test?
    No, you may not.  The exam administrators will not approve you to take the exam unless approved prior by the central office.
  • When will I know if I passed the exam?
    You will receive your test results in the mail within 10 to 15 days after the exam date.
  • What is the license fee for an electrician's license?
    he annual fee for an electrical license is $50.00. If you tested between January and May, we will pro rate your license fee for the remainder of the license year (which always ends on June 30 of every year) at $25.00.
  • Do I have to wait a certain time before I can retest?
    No, you may retest the next time the exam is available by submitting a retest application and retest exam fee ($10.00).
  • What kind of work experience verification do I need to provide to demonstrate my work experience?
    Complete the application to the best of your knowledge including name, address and phone numbers of your previous employers.  You may be asked to submit notarized statement if requested.  Copies of W-2's, hours worked are good examples of demonstrating work experience.
  • If I am self-employed, how do I demonstrate my work experience?
    Indicate "self-employed" and include as much information (see above) as you can provide for us to review.  You may be asked to submit a notarized statement if requested.
  • If I cannot attend my test date for any reason, what can I do?
    You may reschedule your exam date by calling the central office, licensing division no later than the exam date. You may notify us same day as the exam. Emergencies do happen and we will try to reschedule the best we can.
  • How soon prior to the exam should I be at the exam site?
    You should be at the exam site at least 30 minutes prior to the announced start time. Should you arrive late, you will be allowed to test, but will not be allotted additional time to complete the exam.
  • What is authorized for me to bring to the exam?
    You can bring your copy of the National Electric Code, a Keyword Index, Ugly's Book, regular calculator, pencils, scrap paper and any other material that may assist you in referencing the NEC. You MAY NOT bring any sample tests or prior or current WVSFMO tests.
  • How do I and can I receive a duplicate of my license?
    You can obtain a duplicate license by submitting a brief note along with a $ 10.00 duplicate license fee to our office.
  • May I laminate my license card?
    Yes. Most people do and is highly recommended to limit possible damage.
  • How much time do I have to renew my license once it has expired?
    You have three (3) years to renew your license after it has expired by submitting your renewal application, with the license fee per year that it is late and a late fee ($50.00 per year & $15.00 per year) before the three years has past. Once your license has lapsed for more than 3 years, you cannot renew your license.
  • When are renewals mailed to me?
    All electrician, pyrotechnician and explosive licenses and permits are mailed to you sometime during the first week of April generally. Home inspector, electrical inspector and building code officials licenses and certifications are mailed individually through the year depending on date of issuance.
  • What if I lost my renewal application? How do I renew my license?
    Simply mail to us a letter or memo stating you lost your renewal application with the appropriate fee. Also, include on the letter or note your name, current address and license number.