Electrical Licensing

Supervision of Electricians

Authority: West Virginia State Code, Chapter 29, Article 3B "Supervision of Electricians"
West Virginia Code of State Rule, Title 87, Series 2 "Supervision of Electricians" 

Testing Information

Seating is limited for each exam date and location.  To be considered for a specific date and location, your application MUST be received in our office at least 7 business days prior to the requested test date.  Incomplete testing applications along with payment will not be processed but returned to the applicant.

If you must reschedule, please notify this office NO LATER than the date of the test. Rescheduling after the date of the test will result in you forfeiting your application and review fee. You MAY reschedule no more than (3) three times in any calendar year. Walk-ins are not authorized and you will not be allowed to test by the test proctor UNLESS you have authorization from the central office.
You are authorized to bring to the test the following: 2017 NEC Code Book, Keyword Index, Ugly's Book, regular calculator, pencils. You many NOT use sample tests, they will be confiscated and may not be returned. You will be permitted (4) four hours to complete the exam. If you arrive late, you will not be allotted additional time.
If you successfully pass the exam, you will receive a notification letter no later than (15) fifteen business days after the exam. Return the license application with the license fee ($50.00) to the central office. Once we process you license application, you should receive your license card via USPS within (15) fifteen business days. You may not submit your license application for licensure after (12) twelve months and must retest to acquire your license. 

Electrical Exam Application - 2021 Application  

License Information

License Fees
Master License - $50.00 Annual Fee (Expires June 30 each year)
Journeyman License - $50.00 Annual Fee (Expires June 30 each year)
Apprentice License - $50.00 Annual Fee (Expires June 30 each year)
All Specialty Licenses - $50.00 Annual Fee (Expires June 30 each year)
Testing Fees
Master, Journeyman, All Specialty Licenses - $25.00 testing fee
Apprentice License - $10.00 testing fee
Retest - $10.00 all licenses (Applicable if within 12 months of last exam) 
Renewal Information
All license (except temporary licenses) expire June 30 each year. You will receive a renewal notice in April for your convenience. Return the renewal form with the appropriate licensure fee in the provided envelope. ALL RENEWALS MUST BE POST-DATED NO LATER THAN JUNE 30. You may still renew your license after June 30 if you pay the $15.00 late fee up to June 30 the following year. If your license lapses for more than (12) twelve months there is a penalty of $15.00 per year to renew.  You may renew up to 3 years past expiration by paying the $50 per year licensing fee(s), plus the $15.00 per year penalty.
Reciprocity Information
The West Virginia State Fire Marshal's Office recognizes reciprocity with several jurisdictions. Regardless of the jurisdiction, each applicant MUST possess the minimum WV requirements for licensure.  Reciprocity can only be granted if the individual tested under the current licensing entity and with proof of successfully passing an examination. Individuals who previously held a WV Electrician's License and allowed it to expire, and those who failed an electrical exam administered by the West Virginia State Fire Marshal's Office ARE NOT eligible for reciprocity.
Virginia - Master and Journeyman Classifications
Ohio - Electrical Contractor's License Classification
Maryland - Master Classification
North Carolina - Master Classification
Kentucky - Master and Journeyman Classifications
WV Division of Labor, Contractor's Board - Master Classification