WV and National Fire Incident Reporting System

If you need help with NFIRS reports, your password needs changed, your account needs reset or you want to find out the status of your reporting, please contact the number/email below:

NFIRS Tech Support and Report Submission:
        Phone: (304) 558 - 2191, EXT. 53224
        Email: NFIRS@wv.gov 
        (Full name of the fire department is required in the subject line of all emails.)

If your department is toned and you answer the tones, you must do a report in NFIRS regardless of the incident type.


About West Virginia's Fire Incident Reporting System

The Fire Department Services Division is responsible for administration of the state’s fire and non-fire incident reporting system. On a daily basis, the division actively supports and promotes the use of computer-based reporting in an NFIRS-compatible format by all West Virginia’s fire departments in an effort to standardize and expedite incident reporting for the state. This enables both the Fire Marshal’s Office and fire departments to access—and effectively use--statistics that better reflect specific fire and life-safety trends and needs in West Virginia. 

By the end of FY 2006, approximately 55% of WV fire departments were reporting on-line directly to the USFA national database; 15% more were using purchased computer programs for fire data entry; and 30% were still reporting on paper. As of June 31, 2007, all active West Virginia fire departments were reporting via computer-based systems (both purchased software and the free Federal Client Tool). The division also enforces the codes requiring mandatory incident reporting by all fire departments, oversees eligibility for quarterly funding for part-paid and volunteer departments and prepares quarterly eligibility lists for the State Treasurer. 
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Please be advised that all NFIRS program downloads are solely for the West Virginia fire departments using the NFIRS Federal Client Tool. While the West Virginia SFMO accepts data from USFA vendor-approved software programs such as Fire Programs, Fire House, etc., technical support and training can only be offered by the SFMO on NFIRS 5.0 Federal Client Tool. 

For more information on registration, establishing user accounts, system upgrades, computer requirements, reference documents, data collection/analysis and much more, visit the following websites: 

National Fire Information Reporting System (NFIRS) www.nfirs.fema.gov

National Fire Information Council (NFIC) www.nfic.org