Emergency Vehicle Permits (EVPS)

​Please note:

  • No EVPs will be issued without the Fire Chief's approval/signature on the proper application form (see below). 
  • EVPs for personally owned vehicles (POVs) are for vehicles with Class A plates.​
  • EVPs that are no longer valid should be listed as "VOID" by the Fire Chief on documents sent to the Fire Department Services Division. 
  • EVPs that are no longer valid should be returned to this office if possible, along with the form marked and signed by the Chief to "void" that permit.​​
  • All applications for EVPs must include current copies of insurance and registration. 
  • ​Temporary registration cards are not acceptable for privately owned vehicles (POVs).
  • To apply for an EVP for a street legal Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), which includes all-terrain vehicles, utility terrain vehicles, minitrucks, and pneumatic-tired military vehicles, the SPV must be agency owned and meet the requirements outlined in West Virginia Code §17A-13-1. You can apply for a Special Purpose Vehicle Certification through the West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles. Once that has been obtained, you can fill out the Apparatus Emergency Vehicle Permit Application below.

Click a link below to download applicable Code: