Authority: WV Code Chapter 29, Article 3, Section 5, Legislative Rule Title 87, Series 1
Effective: July 1, 2014.

All storage and handling of explosives is the responsibility of the State Fire Marshal. All persons handling explosives in the process of initiating a blast shall be licensed in accordance with the State Fire Code, NFPA 495. Each applicant shall submit an application with the appropriate fee along with a copy of their BATFE Clearance Application. Note: This office will recognize the WV DEP, OEB tests for issuance of a CLASS G - SURFACE COAL classification. Applicants for a CLASS G - HELPER must be at least 18 years of age. All other classifications shall be 21 years of age.


Permits to Use (Individual handlers licenses)

  1. Class A (Unlimited Use - All phases of blasting)
  2. Class B (General Aboveground Use - All phases of blasting operations in quarries, open pit mines, and aboveground construction)
  3. Class D (Demolition - All phases in demolition)
  4. Class E (Seismic - All phases in seismic prospecting)
  5. Class F (Agriculture - limited to not more than 50 pounds of explosives)
  6. Class G (Special - All other types of explosives use including "Helpers" and "Surface Coal")